How to reach us

The house is situated south of the city of Pescara, in the historic center, on the right bank of the Maas. It is easily accessible by public transport:

Urban bus services:
     Lines leading to the museum with a stop at Piazza Garibaldi: 7-11-13-15-38
     Government Management: 085-727639
Suburban bus services:
     The city is served by public bus lines that connect Rome, Bologna, Naples, L'Aquila
     Harp: 085-4215099
     Baltour 085-7691990
     Satam 085-4210733
Rail transport:
     Railways: the city is located on the railway line between Milan and Lecce terminus of the Rome-Pescara (toll free: 848.888088)
     Railway Adriatic-Sangritana spa 085-79068027
     The city is connected with civil alll'aereoporto with daily flights to Rome, Milan, Venice, Turin, London, Frankfurt
     Civil airport of Pescara - SAGA: 085-4324200
     Air One: 085-4313323
     Ryanair: 899889973
     Maritime transport:
     Thanks to the harbor and the marina, the city is raggiungigile by sea
     Harbour: 085-694040
     Marina "Marina Pescara god": 085-454681
     Maritime Station: 085-65247
     A 14-output Pe-Pe-North or South;
     A 24-output Pe-West, E-80 output Pe-Pe-Center or Union Square
     Useful Numbers:
     Carabinieri 112 - 085-64144
     Police 113 - 085-20571
     Fire Brigade 115
     Medical Emergency 118
     Harbour 1530 - 085-694040
     Forestry 1515
     Police Station 085-4283512

Mappa Pescara