Giancarlo Maroni (1893-1952)

Was born in 1893 in Arco (Trento). He studied in Milan, the Brera Academy, from 1910 to 1915. Among his teachers Mentessi and architects Moretti and Cattaneo. It 'just the school of Mentessi who comes to the arcane world of geometry, beautiful proportions, relationships characterized by alternating modular arches and lintels, arches and lintels, which we find in his works, along with reasons purely Garda. In 1915 he volunteered for the liberation of Trento and Trieste, and will be awarded the silver medal. With the end of the war he returned to Riva where he worked on problems associated with the reconstruction. Consequently in 1919 the Academy of Brera the title of "professor of architectural design." The buildings he designed and executed the will by law to use the title of architect. Presented by the legionary Trent D'Annunzio and Rijeka Joseph Piffer, begins in the second half of 1921 its activity at Villa Cargnacco, acquired by the Poet in Gardone, where he will work for seventeen years until the death of Commander, as well as covering the position of Superintendent of member of the Board of the "Foundation of the Vittoriale." On his complex relationship with d'Annunzio testifies that the Operti recalls, "... Discussions large architect claimed on the drawings, perspectives, and ended up making their own way. D'Annunzio rampognava furiously, calling him a persecutor and an enemy, then reconciled, after the fact recognized that that was fine. Were opposite natures, intended to agree, albeit with some difficulty. "He died in 1952 and is buried in one of the tombs of the mausoleum of the Vittoriale.