Teaching takes place at the Museum provides guided tours through the rooms of the house where the poet to follow in spirit with the route he followed the last visit made to his mother June 30, 1915, before leaving for the war, through the reading of passages of the Night printed on the signs placed in different rooms in which d'Annunzio regularly reminds objects, furnishings, home decorations that can be found in the museum.

The educational panels full of quotations from the works and letters of d'Annunzio as well as photographs and documents allow the study of various issues concerning the poet, his family, his relationship with Pescara and Abruzzo, the military exploits, the restoration of house.

Very interesting is the section that is linked to the history of the city as the house-museum is located in the heart of the old Pescara, the first urban core from which you will develop the modern town after the unification with Castellammare and the establishment of the province of Pescara.

The "Place D'Annunzio" allows the introduction of the route through the villages of Abruzzo in which the poet was particularly fond of, in particular Francavilla al Mare based in the Upper Room of F. Paolo Michetti and the Hermitage of St. Vito Chietino linked to the autobiographical novel The Triumph of Death.

The visit to the home is built with the vision of videotapes related to the figure of the poet, in Pescara, Abruzzo and documents from the Istituto Luce:

    Abruzzo a land to discover - Soprint. BAAAS L'Aquila
    D'Annunzio Veroli-Studio Light
    Pescara was
    Pescara. Buried river - Province of Pescara
    Pescara the fast city
    Spirit and Earth Fabrizio Bruni
    "You Mr. brush, I rhyme" of Gerdiglio Angeloni
    Visions of the author of Silvano Console

The Service Learning Project produces annual convention with schools, focusing on specific issues agreed with the teachers to complement or supplement the curriculum planning. Examples of projects:

    Places and memories Dannunziani
    The Romanesque San Clemente a Casauria
    The Art Nouveau in Pescara. Architectural and documentary
    The Cascella, a family of artists
    The ceramics of Castelli